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Oh what treasures we will find at Mia Dalia's Estate Sale! 😍

Mia Dalia is an internationally published author, a lifelong reader, and a longtime reviewer of all things fantastic, thrilling, scary, and strange. Her short fiction has been published by online by Night Terror Novels, 50-word stories, Flash Fiction Magazine, Pyre Magazine, Tales from the Moonlit Path and in print anthologies by Sunbury Press, HellBound Press, Black Ink Fiction, Dragon Roost Press, Unsettling Reads, Moon, Anthology of Lunar Horror, Phobica Books, Psycho Toxin Press, Wandering Wave Press, Bullet Points vol. 3, Critical Blast, and DraculaBeyondStoker Magazine. Her fiction will be featured in the upcoming anthologies by Nightshade Press, Off-Topic Publishing, Exploding Head Press, Sinister Smile Press, and Crystal Lake Publishing.

Mia’s Noir tales have been published by Mystery Magazine and Bang! Noir Anthology from Headshot Press. Her short fiction has been featured by narrative podcasts such as Zoetic Press' Alphanumeric and Tales to Terrify.

Mia's novelettes, Smile So Red , Spindel, and The Trunk, are available on Amazon.
She has released two novellas with PsychoToxin Press: Tell Me a Story and Discordant.
Her debut novel, Estate Sale, was published in April of 2023 to rave reviews.
She makes her science fiction debut with a novella, Arrakoth, in the summer of 2024.
Her second novel, Haven, will be released by CamCat books in the fall of 2024.

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The Tough Questions

•    Where is your favorite place to write? Read?  my  couch, beneath a giant thinking gorilla art.

•    What did you want to be when you grew up?  famous

•    What is one thing you need when you sit down to write?  my glasses

•    What is one tip you would like to share with an aspiring author?  Don’t stop. Actively solicit and carefully process criticism. And read, read, read!

•    Are you a pantser or plotter?  Pantser. All the way!

From BOH reader Heather L.
•    Chili – beans or no beans?     beans

•    Who’s your favorite superhero and why?   Superman.  Because he can be anything, but he makes a choice to be good.

•    DC or Marvel and why is it Marvel? DC Vertigo, actually, who produced some of my favorite comics of all time.

•    You need to hide a body - who do you call to help you?  I think hiding bodies is a one-person job.

•    Favorite song to belt out in the shower? I don’t belt, I hum. The tune changes.

•    What animal would you be and why? Some kind of a monkey, I suppose. I need those opposable thumbs.

•    If you were stranded on a deserted island with all your human needs taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you? My Kindle and my ukulele.

•    Next project (what are you currently working on)? Just finished a novel. Might focus on putting out a collection right now.

•    Scary movies - complete darkness or all the lights on? Complete darkness. Always.

•    Who would you stalk? That doesn’t seem like the sort of thing to announce publicly.

•    What inspired you to start writing?  The stories came into my mind and wouldn’t leave. My wife insisted I write them down. I never  stopped.

•    How old were you when you wrote your first story? The cobwebs of time have obscured that information.

•    What is your favorite book/story you wrote?  I couldn’t possibly choose. I love them all.
•    Who is your current favorite author? I have too many, I read too broadly.

•    What is your favorite genre? I would say literature, with speculative overtones.

•    Favorite horror movie?  Candyman. The original.

•    Favorite book of all time? Tough call. Let’s say, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

•    Cake - vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla? I’m not much of a cake person.

•    Pizza - pineapple or definitely never on a pizza? Firm yes to pineapple.

•    What’s your favorite band? It changes, changes, changes all the time.

From BOH reader Derek T.
•    Is there a particular author that inspired you to write horror? Neil Gaiman was pretty instrumental in inspiring me as a storyteller in general. Richard Masterton and Jack Ketchum informed a lot of my short story writing.

•    Are there any things required when you write?, i.e., listening to certain music? an adult beverage? complete silence? stuff like that. Complete silence is always good.

•    Skittles or Starburst? neither

•    Do you read or write anything that's not horror? All the time, actually.

•    Rhode Island is neither a road nor an island, please discuss.  Not much to add. But Providence is rather nice.

•    How do you feel about pants?  I’m a fan.
•    Dogs, cats or ferrets?   Dogs.
•    Mountains or beach?   Beach.
•    What's your favorite taco?  The one my wife makes.
•    Would you go to space?  Not voluntarily.
•    Do you eat supper or dinner? Supper.
•    Favorite ice cream?  n/a
•    Were you a good student? Very.
•    Who was your childhood crush?  Who can remember?
•    Your favorite thing on French fries? Ketchup.


From BOH reader Shannon E.
•    What’s something you want to learn/ get better at?  More languages.

•    Why did you decide you wanted to be an author?  It wasn’t much of a choice. Or rather, it chose me, and I didn’t stop it.

•    Is there anything you don't eat?  Flesh.

•    If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?  I think wishes are a profoundly private matter.

•    If you could have 1 hour to sit down with anyone and talk? Who would it be and what would you talk about?  I wouldn’t mind picking Neil Gaiman’s brain. Or Neil deGrasse Tyson’s. One of the Neils.

•    What makes you unique?  My brilliance and utter absence of modesty?

•    What's something about you that no one else knows?  It’s that thing I intend to keep a secret.

•    Know Any Good Jokes? Lots.

•    What’s Something That Bugs You?  Willful stupidity.

•    What’s the Most Embarrassing Thing You Can Remember That’s Happened to You? This is all so terribly personal. Um … pass.

•    What’s Your Favorite Place on Earth?  The ocean. Any ocean.

•    Who Are the Special People in Your Life?  My wife.

•    What’s Something You’re Proud of?  My work.

•    If your life were a movie who would play you?  Ha. No idea. I’d be curious who’d they cast.

•    If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?  A superhero.

•    If you could have a superpower what would it be?  Immortality.

•    What would you do if there was zombie apocalypse right now?  Survive. At all costs.

•    What were you like as a child?  Smart. Well read. Mature.

Thank Mia for stopping in and sharing your answers to the tough questions! 💕

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