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Make Them Pay: A Thriller Anthology

 Excitement is in the air.

I have this awesome thing to share with you all. There is an action thriller anthology that is coming to a kindle near you Monday, March 15, 2021! I am Honored to be included in this great round up of thriller authors. Go click the link below to pre-order Make Them Pay--A Thriller Anthology. You do not want to miss this!

Make Them Pay--A Thriller Anthology

**Available in KU, kindle and it will be in paperback soon.

When criminals cross the line, who will make them pay?

From police to vigilantes to secret government organizations, the answer awaits those who think they are beyond the reach of the law-abiding world. They make their own rules.

For that, we must make them pay!

More than twenty thriller authors bring their ‘A’ game with never-before-seen stories, different takes on justice, and maybe that’s the way we want it to be.

Loathsome Justice – M.A. Comley – The game is up!

The First Hit – Craig Martelle – They say the first is the hardest.

An Inside Job – Ian W. Sainsbury – A Bedlam Boy Story

System Failure – M.K. Farrar – When the system fails, only murder will put it right.

The Ninth Man – Jeff Shelby – A man with a reputation for being able to find anyone joins forces with a woman seeking to avenge her daughter’s death.

Cross Your Heart – G.K. Parks – Who will survive when a private investigator’s good deed places him on a collision course with a Russian gangster?

Mine – Michele PW – No good deed goes unpunished.

Rats – J.R. Pomerantz – Ravi’s rat problem is about to blow up.

The Silent One – Jack Probyn – Contract killing’s hard. Especially when the next name on your list is your father’s.

Super Something – John Hindmarsh – Penny was on a mission of revenge and retribution. Russian agents had similar objectives. She was a super recognizer; one of the Russians was the Poisoner. Penny wanted to win.

Innocence Lost – D.K. Greene – When her son goes missing, a terrified mom uncovers a horrific kidnapping scheme.

A Dance with Death – Drew Avera – How do you stop a killer when he’s one of your own?

The Last Assignment – Douglas Dorow – The last assignment for a Military Working Dog Handler and his four-legged partner is more than just another day in the field.

Getting the Wind – Stephen Couch – A man delivering meals to shut-ins finds himself, and his elderly client, caught in a drug war.

Straight Flight – Arleigh Jacobs – When a girl is kidnapped, Colt has one path: Get her back.

The Package – N Gray – All I had to do was hand over the package. What could go wrong?

Hunting Darkness – A. K. Hughey – Death waits for those who dare to stop the traffickers.

Temptress – Fallon Raynes – When local bars become the hot target for thieves, Detective Reyes is reminded that temptation comes in many forms.

Lane Departure – Tom Fowler – John Tyler thought he stumbled into a robbery. If only it were so simple…

Death and Dollars – Jonathan Shipperley – Coast Guard Special Agents Frank Dalton and Jessica Carter pick up the trail of “El Doctor,” a notorious cartel capo wanted for an attack on a U.S. Embassy, but Dalton wants him for his own reasons.

No Reason – Steve Davison – When a hostage exchange goes wrong, special field operative Louis Cane is forced to take matters into his own hands.

Sasquatch Hunting – Kes McDaniel – Stopping for snacks puts Jake Daely’s life in the hands of the mythical Sasquatch.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

David Miller Saved My Life


David Miller Saved My Life

Seventeen years ago, Dave Miller changed my life forever.

How did he do that you ask? By giving me back my Non Smoker life!

Flash back 24 years ago; One day at work I had a conversation with a co-worker. She told me about how her and her chain smoking husband both quit smoking by using hypnosis. I was intrigued and had asked how it was. She had said it was very relaxing and they never smoked again. I filed that conversation away for the day I would need it. For a day I was ready to quit smoking. She had mentioned that was important.

A few years later, Hubby and I had cleaned, and painted all the rooms in our one story home. After seeing the disgusting yellow nicotine on the ceilings we made a deal with each other. We were only going to smoke outside. That was in the summer. Winter came and I was tired of smoking outside, so I had narrowed myself down to only smoking a few cigarettes in the evenings. By then I was only smoking on my way to and from work and quite frankly, tired of it. It was annoying.

I was tired of smelling like smoke, tired of paying through the nose for a pack of cigarettes--which at that time were $3.00/pk - yep, I said paying through the nose LOL-- tired of worrying if I have my lighter and cigarettes on me when I left the house, yada yada. . . I'm sure anyone reading this that's been/is a smoker knows what I am talking about? Well, quitting is easier said than done. Try asking a habitual coffee drinker to give it up for a day/week, and see if you get punched in the face. Just kidding! Don't do that! Caffeine is actually a drug and you have to ween yourself off of it. Turns out, you don't have to with nicotine. It's just a BAD habit that I allowed myself to get hooked on.

But I digress. I had a medical issue and had to make some changes in my life. One of them was cigarettes. Trying to quit cold turkey was like sticking my finger in an electrical outlet and trying to feel better. I was edgy, and driving everyone up a wall because the one thing I usually did to calm my nerves was smoke. I started smoking again to save my marriage--still married by the way. ;-)

Well, that following spring I saw an ad in the newspaper: "Stop Smoking & Lose Weight with Hypnosis" or something like that. I didn't save the ad. But it jogged my memory of talking with that co-worker that day at work. I wrote down the info in the ad, and talked to Hubby about it that evening. Of course he looked at me like I had two heads. Okay, it was more like three heads. I was pumped, he was like "whatever", and I saved the date.

You didn't have to sign up, just show up, sign in, and pay $50 for the seminar that lasted maybe an hour and a half. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking (If you smoke) that's money I could have used for smokes. Well, that was my point. I'd SAVE money after that day. That co-worker I mentioned had taken all the money her, and her husband would have used to buy smokes, put it away, and paid off a loan, and took one heck of a vacation the following year!

The night of the seminar I gave Hubby my pack of smokes and grabbed seven cigarettes to take with me.Then I thought better of it, and I grabbed three more. After all, it was a 12 minute ride to the seminar, and I was leaving a half hour early. Hubby told me they'd be there when I got back home. Such a critic. I smoked every single one of those cigarettes in 30 minutes. In fact I wasn't the only crazy one in the parking lot chain smoking like a fiend waiting for the seminar to start. There were others there for the weight loss portion too but most of us were smokers.

Talk about an interesting seminar! I was introduced to the simple process, and how if we tap into our subconscious we can rule the world. Well, at least our worlds. I was amazed at how easy and relaxing it was. I felt free for the first time in a long time. If you've never been to a hypnosis session, I suggest taking a pillow with you. It'll be more relaxing if you do. :-) After the seminar we could purchase cassette tapes for hypnosis. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. I know, I'm showing my age here with the mentioning of the cassette tape--for those of you unfamiliar with cassette tapes, they're the ribbon form of cd's/mp3s. I purchased the tape for the non-smoking. It came in handy to remain on track each day.

Hubby didn't go to the class with me. He thought it was hokey, and I needed back up for living with a smoker. I walked out of that seminar a Non-Smoker! And I haven't picked one up since I chain smoked a half a pack of cigs in 30 minutes that night. Oh, and the other half pack of cigarettes were till waiting for me when I got home. Hubby handed them to me with a lit cigarette in his hand, and I didn't take them. I told him to keep them. How's that for self control! And, even though Hubby thought I'd start smoking again, he's proud of me! :-)

So, in summation, I did not QUIT Smoking I just became a non-smoker. Using that term, made it easier to deal with. Dave had mentioned that it was ingrained in us growing up that "quitting" was considered a negative thing. No body likes to be called a Quitter. That was all part of the hypnosis process. It quiets our conscious brain to help us focus on the good things we're trying to accomplish.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Dave Miller, he saved my life that day. I had recently went looking for his CD's because I had friend who wanted to quit smoking and I thought of Dave immediately. Sadly, I found out a few years ago he lost his life while swimming in Lake Erie. Such a tragedy to lose a man who lived to help others reclaim their health. :-(

I had worked through my smoking demons through hypnosis. Watching a few people in my life try to work through their own smoking habits with a prescribed medication, led me to a story that took on a life of it's own. Dangerous Ledges is now available (buy links below). I hope you get a chance to read it. And, if you're still smoking, I hope you find a healthier choice to free yourself from those chains. I can't find a link to Dave's store any more, but maybe you can get in contact with Dave's wife at the link below to see if she has some cd's still available for sale? I also posted his Youtube link too, as the videos might help explain a bit about how it works.

To David's Family,

Hold the memories close, and each other closer.

Hugs & Prayers to you all.


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