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I found M.L. Rayner hiding Amongst The Mists

Born and bred in the county of Staffordshire. Matt is a keen reader of classical, horror and fantasy literature and enjoys writing in the style of traditional ghost stories. During his working life, Matt joined the ambulance service in 2009, transporting critically ill patients all over the UK. After writing his first novel, Matt now dedicates his time on future releases. His hobbies include genealogy and hiking, and he enjoys spending time with his wife, Emma, his children, and his family.

‘As engaging as anything I’ve read this decade. Rayner is required reading for horror fans.’
 Jonathan Edward Durham, author of Winterset Hollow

It was the most anticipated summer break of their young lives.
For Bran Lampshire, that summer of 1986 would be far different. The lure of a wilderness adventure sends him and his friends on a troublesome journey that would see them far from home and into the isolated shadows of the Sleathton Estate. In a forgotten land where nature thrives, an unexplained mist settles upon the shaded grounds. And stories were told of events so chilling, they were forcibly buried over time.

Lose yourself beneath the endless trees. And discover that legends are sometimes so much more than ghost stories.


The Tough Questions

•    Where is your favorite place to write? Read? I enjoy writing/reading during the earlier hours of the morning.
•    What did you want to be when you grew up? I was never quite sure about that.
•    What is one thing you need when you sit down to write? Silence…..
•    What is one tip you would like to share with an aspiring author? One day, all this struggling and little recognition could be yours!
•    Are you a pantser or plotter? Plotter 

From BOH reader Heather L.
•    Chili – beans or no beans? No to Chili
•    Who’s your favorite superhero and why? That guy who can talk in the water. Seaman?
•    DC or Marvel and why is it Marvel? DC
•    You need to hide a body - who do you call to help you? Phil Mitchell
•    Favorite song to belt out in the shower? I Touch Myself.
•    What animal would you be and why? A fox. Bushy tails
•    If you were stranded on a deserted island with all your human needs taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you? A cactus and water to feed it.
•    Next project (what are you currently working on)? Prequel to my first book.
•    Scary movies - complete darkness or all the lights on? Darkness.
•    Cats or dogs? I’m not into that stuff. I just like Women.
•    Who would you stalk? Heather L
•    What inspired you to start writing? I wanted to do something creative.
•    How old were you when you wrote your first story? 32
•    What is your favorite book/story you wrote? Echoes of Home
•    Who is your current favorite author? Probably Durham. I can’t get rabbits out of my head.
•    What is your favorite genre? Horror
•    Favorite horror movie? The Shining
•    Favorite book of all time? The Picture of Dorian Gray
•    Cake - vanilla or chocolate? CHoCo
•    Pizza - pineapple or definitely never on a pizza? Pineapple

From BOH reader Derek T.
•    Is there a particular author that inspired you to write horror? Susan Hill.
•    Are there any things required when you write?, i.e., listening to certain music? an adult beverage? complete silence? stuff like that. Silence.
•    Skittles or Starburst? Taste the rainbow.
•    Do you read or write anything that's not horror? I’ll read Fantasy.
•    Rhode Island is neither a road nor an island, please discuss. I agree with you.
•    How do you feel about pants? Depends on the subject.
•    Mountains or beach? Mountains
•    Does pineapple belong on pizza? Sure
•    What's your favorite taco? I have no idea.
•    Would you go to space? Yup
•    Do you eat supper or dinner? Dinner
•    Favorite ice cream? Mint
•    Were you a good student? Nope
•    Who was your childhood crush?  You, Derek. You.
•    Your favorite thing on French fries? Salt

From BOH reader Shannon E.
•    What’s something you want to learn/ get better at? Answering questions.
•    Why did you decide you wanted to be an author? To make all my work colleagues envious.
•    Is there anything you don't eat? Yes

•    If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?
1) To finally answer all of these questions!
2) Finish another book.
3) Join a blog and get the chance to answer some questions.

•    If you could have 1 hour to sit down with anyone and talk? Who would it be and what would you talk about?
•    What makes you unique? Raw sex appeal.
•    What's something about you that no one else knows? I have a fear of blimps.
•    What’s Something You Want to Learn or Wish You Were Better At? Not to repeat myself when answering questions.
•    Know Any Good Jokes? Yes
•    What’s Something That Bugs You? Snorting
•    What’s Your Favorite Place on Earth? Scotland
•    Who Are the Special People in Your Life? Family, readers and Jim Ody’s Mum.
•    What’s Something You’re Proud of? My books and my time with the Ambulance service
•    If your life were a movie who would play you? Police number 8 (end credits)
•    If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be? I’m happy being me.
•    If you could have a superpower what would it be? Clean the house faster.
•    What would you do if there was zombie apocalypse right now? Probably just become a zombie.
•    What were you like as a child? Sarcastic.

Thank you Matt for stopping! I'm sure Heather is sorry she asked that question. 🤔 😉

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