Thursday, June 29, 2023

All you need to know about Profiting and Murder. 👀

Jamie Rutland Gillespie was born and raised in a tiny, country town in the lowcountry of South Carolina. At the age of 18, she moved to a slightly larger town in the same state and still lives there. She spent much of her youth visiting the beaches of the lowcountry and taking trips to the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. The mountains were always her "happy place" and she still visits every chance she gets.

She is the author of the Bobwhite Mountain Cozy Mystery series. The series is set in the mountains of Tennessee and is a clean, cozy mystery with a little murder and some humor.

Jamie has always loved to read; she got her library card at the small library of her hometown at the young age of 6. She has a vivid imagination and has always made up stories of places, people and situations that only exist in her head.

She currently lives in the midlands of South Carolina with her husband, daughter and two chihuahua furbabies. She loves college football and has been a South Carolina Gamecock fan since birth. She also loves MLB and has been a Braves fan since she was a little girl, watching the games and going to games with her Dad. She is still an avid reader and enjoys writing, crossword puzzles, baking and spending time with her family.

**Book 1 of the series, INHERITING MURDER, was a Cozy Mystery Book of the Year Finalist in the CMT awards, as well as second place in CoverWars.

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Welcome back to Bobwhite Mountain. Hold on tight for the ride of your life with surprises, laughter and murder in this fifth book of the series.

The townsfolk of Bobwhite Mountain, TN are eagerly awaiting the marriage of two of their own. Lisa Wilcox and Jarred Atkins both have deep seated roots in the small town. They were engaged last year and are planning their wedding despite the horrific car accident that caused Jarred to be confined to a wheelchair.

Plans are underway for the big event when a world famous magazine makes an appearance in town to write an article about Annie’s bakery, Mountains of Sugar. Excitement abounds at the bakery as all of Bobwhite Mountain wants to be featured in the article.

Life in the quaint, small mountain town is moving at its slow, contented pace until Sheriff Wyatt Collins gets a call that a young woman is missing. She worked as a housemaid for one of the mansions up on the mountain and she can’t be located. The discovery of her body rocks the town. Will the culprit be found and arrested before someone else is killed and what surprises are in store for some of the residents of this town?

Join Landry, Adam, Wyatt, Ms. Millie and the others as they maneuver through everything happening in their lives while trying to find out who murdered the young woman.

Where is your favorite place to write?  I actually spend most of my time writing in my bedroom. I have a desk in there and I love to write late at night after everyone else has gone to sleep. Once my husband is asleep, nothing much bothers him, lol!

Read: In my recliner with a blanket, hot tea and my two fur babies curled up with me. They are small (chihuahuas) and love to snuggle.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I always wanted to be an attorney. Then, as I got older I thought about being a journalist. Neither of those came to fruition, although I did work at a newspaper for 10 years. I loved it and I think I still have "ink in my blood".  Due to needing to make more money and not work night shift anymore, I left the newspaper and became a Medical Transcriptionist. THAT job has benefitted me more than any other. I can type really fast.

What is one thing you need when you sit down to write?  My glasses...can't see at all without those. (I also have to have tea or lemon water to drink.) 

What's one tip you would like to share with an aspiring Author?  WRITE THE BOOK! Once you have your story written THEN you can worry about adding details, editing, cleaning up the manuscript and any technical things related to getting it published. Just focus on writing the story...all the other stuff will fall into place.

Pantser or Plotter?  I'm an anomaly, lol. I do outline my books, research specific things I want to include and I always already know who my victim and murderer will be. (I write murder mysteries.) BUT, when it comes to the details, I'm a true pantser. I sit down and the story comes to me as I write. Sometimes, the things on my outline will even change. I also edit as I go, so when the story is done it's a pretty clean manuscript before it even goes to BETA readers or my Editor. 

Thank you Jamie for stopping in and sharing about you and your new release! 💓 

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