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I found Edmund Stone Within a Tent Revival. 👀


My name is Edmund Stone and I’m the writer of two short story collections and three novels and the newly released book, Within: A Three Part Horror. I published my first short story in 2017 and my first novel in 2021. I’ve appeared in multiple anthologies and I’m a member of the Horror Writers Association. I’m active on the Facebook page Books of Horror. I consider it my tribe. Go check it out. Follow me on Facebook and all social media provided by the link above.

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Three unique stories all with a common theme
Within brings together the plight of three women, all broken, but strong. Each story shows a unique situation they are up against and how they cope with the terror they are faced with.
Part One
Within You
A housewife waits for her husband on a stormy night. She gets stuck outside of her house with her baby inside. Someone is lurking in the darkness. She desperately wants to protect her baby from what’s outside, but fails to realize, the horror is Within.
Part Two
Within Me
A young girl discovers she has a secret power. She confides in her mother and finds her family is full of secrets as well, namely, one half is trying to kill the other. Her battle begins when the wrong part of the family finds out about her. She must Hurt them and achieve the ultimate revenge before her time runs out.
Part Three
Within Us
The Devil’s Concubine
A girl is given a machete when she comes of age. Her Daddy teaches her how to wield it in a fight. She finds the blade gives her power, turning her into something vicious when she uses it. She’ll need the help of her blade, as her world is turned upside down by someone, she least expected.


The Tough Questions

●    Where is your favorite place to write? Read? My favorite place to write is in my office by the Ohio River. I get up around four am every day and watch the fog come off the river while drinking my first cup of coffee, then it's off to get a few hours in. I try to write first and deal with all the other issues later. That way I know if the day turns into a shit show, I at least got some words down. Reading is everywhere. The beach, my car, on my daily walk, or before bed. If I had to pick one though, It would be my walk, listening to my audiobook. It’s my time to get away from the office and hide from the world.

●    What did you want to be when you grew up? Originally it was an astronaut, but it changed over time. I wanted to be an artist at one time but didn’t think it would pay the bills. I also wanted to be a writer when I got out of high school and even took some college courses toward the degree, but ended up going a different path for a few years. Now I’m here, realizing my dream.

●    What is one thing you need when you sit down to write? Coffee and silence. My mornings give me both. I can write with noise around, but my morning routine suits me best and I’m much more productive.

●    What is one tip you would like to share with an aspiring author? Always stay focused on your goals and keep writing above all else. It may seem like nothing is going to happen, but then you finally start to get some attention and end up getting an interview with Fallon Raynes. Also, go to a big convention if you can and talk to other authors who are farther ahead of the game than you. It will change your life and give you a new perspective.

●    Are you a pantser or plotter? One hundred percent Panster. I write with my hair on fire and keep going until I find what I’m looking for. I go in with an idea but it usually morphs into something else by the time it's done. During revisions is when I fine tune the plot and pull out anything that doesn't make sense. That’s the plotting phase for me, then the beta readers find things of course, and maybe more is needed. It’s a process but one I’m getting better at every day. 

From BOH reader Heather L.
●    Chili – beans or no beans? Beans, is there any other way? Sorry, Texas.

●    Who’s your favorite superhero and why? Spiderman. Peter Parker was me growing up. I was a nerd and very awkward. Not shy, just awkward. I was bullied quite a bit and always wished I had superpowers to combat the bullies but instead would just draw them into submission with the comics I created. My imagination got me through some tough times.

●    You need to hide a body - who do you call to help you? My wife, Mikel Stone. She’d nag me the whole time, but when the chips are down, she’s in it for the win.

●    Next project (what are you currently working on)? There are so many. I have two novels I’m revising, one more of a YA horror and the other a dark tale reminiscent of my garage band days. I have one out to publishers at the moment as well.

●    Scary movies - complete darkness or all the lights on? Lights out always. The state of the surroundings always alters the ambiance of a good movie.

●    What is your favorite book/story you wrote? Tent Revival will always hold a special place in my heart as it was my first novel. It took me years to complete it and I’m still getting praise. It’s been on the path of resurgence lately and I’m thrilled.

●    Who is your current favorite author? There are so many good ones and I’m getting into a lot of indie writers now. I’ve known Justin Boote for years and his stuff gets better and better. I was leaning toward Phillip Fracassi but then started reading Andrew Van Wey and fell in love with his writing style. Head Like a Hole has become a favorite of mine.

●    What is your favorite genre? Horror with sci-fi a close second.

●    Favorite horror movie? Hellraiser. It’s still my go-to movie when I want something good and gory. Another I like really well is Incident in a Ghostland. That one is very psychological and messed up.

From BOH reader Derek T.
●    Is there a particular author that inspired you to write horror? Clive Barker originally, but more recently, Justin Boote. We were in a writer’s group together a few years ago and he encouraged me to write some horror stories. I was leaning toward the fantasy side of things at the time, but the stories didn’t ring true. I wrote a few horror lines and it all began to click again.

●    Do you read or write anything that's not horror?   I write dark sci fi and fantasy at times but it always has horror elements. It’s hard for me to do it any other way. I read literary works sometimes. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and The Power of the Dog by Thomas Savage, are some I can think of recently and Cormac McCarthy’s works although some would consider them horror. I read The Peripheral by William Gibson. Some great sci-fi there.

●    How do you feel about pants? I prefer not to wear them, but my wife tells me I should when I’m in public.

●    What's your favorite taco? Carne asada. We have a local taco truck that makes the best ones. So good!
●    Would you go to space? In a second. Although I doubt I’ll have the money any time soon.
●    Do you eat supper or dinner? Supper. I’m from Eastern Kentucky.

●    Were you a good student? I was a terrible student. I have ADHD and sitting in a classroom for any period of time was almost unbearable to me.

From BOH reader Shannon E.
●    What’s something you want to learn/ get better at? The marketing side of things. I want to be the best writer I can be but if you don’t have a presence no one will see your work and most importantly, no one will read it. I have a lot to offer and don’t want to get lost in the shuffle.

●    Why did you decide you wanted to be an author? I’ve always had the secret desire to be a writer, but taking the step to be a published author was a tough one. I had so many fears that no one would like what I wrote. After my first publication some of that went away, but it always nags at me and, I feel, makes me a better writer. I’m driven to be the best I can at what I do and I’m enjoying every minute.

●    Is there anything you don't eat? Very little. When I was growing up, my dad had a competition to see if he could find something I wouldn't eat; sardines, head cheese, varieties of pickled whatever. He failed every time. The only thing I turned my nose up to was pickled pig's feet. I did take a bite but no more.

●    If you could have 1 hour to sit down with anyone and talk? Who would it be and what would you talk about? I suppose I could think of quite a few writers but honestly, the one person I would want to talk to most is my grandmother, Chloe Duzan. She was a master storyteller in the oral tradition and had lots of stories and songs about Appalachia. She encouraged me to start writing when I was a teen and she talked about wanting to be a published author. I’m sure we’d have a lot to talk about now.

●    What makes you unique? My connection with the small town vibe and the river running by my front yard. The Ohio River is a large body of water with a bloody past. It has stories to tell and I’ve added a few to my books. There will be more.

●    Who Are the Special People in Your Life? Family and those connections run deep where I’m from and no matter what direction we take, we’re always there to support each other. My wife, Mikel Stone is my rock though. She’s such a big supporter of what I’m trying to accomplish and is up for any adventure. My dad and mom, my sisters and cousins, my kids and grandkids, they all prop me up and support my writing, even if some are too afraid to read it.

●    What’s Something You’re Proud of? My family first and foremost, but my first novel ranks very high. To a writer, that is a monumental feat. When I first started this journey, I had the goal in mind but wasn’t sure how to go about accomplishing it. Now, I have three under my belt, another completed one waiting for publication, and two more under revision.

●    If your life were a movie who would play you? Jason Bateman. All of his characters are more in line with the real me. A dad and husband trying to make life work for all those around me. My writing is my me time.

●    What would you do if there was zombie apocalypse right now? Go out and get bitten then join the masses, much less work. What do zombies have to worry about?

●    What were you like as a child? Very adventurous in a Stranger Things kind of way or maybe Losers Club. I had a group of friends about as nerdy as I was and we would read comics and pretend to be superheroes. We also played D&D. Those were some good times.

Thank you Edmund for stopping in and sharing on my blog! 

You can find him anywhere here: Edmund Stone's Links

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