Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Who can it be? Post #3 of the SSBCE

This is the song that keeps playing in my head when I work on these posts for the Super Secret Book Collab Extravaganza (SSBCE). You're welcome for that earworm! 😉

Fallon: Let’s jump back into it shall we. I know you two do not live in the same state, so working at a coffee shop somewhere together for an hour would be out of the question. But, if you could meet in person someday to share cake, where in the world would you want to meet (state, country, the world is your oyster and money is no object)?

🔍 Mystery Author: Well, I know Angel lives in California and it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, so it’s really very simple. I will turn up uninvited one day at Angel’s house with cake!!

👼 Angel: According to the interwebs, the capital of cake is somewhere called North York Moors National Park and that sounds both eerie and delicious! So, yeah, I'm down for that!

Fallon: Somehow the scene for your responses has me seeing Angel in the Moors when MA shows up with cake. 🤔 And... we need to stop talking about cake, I’m getting hungry! 🤣 Can you share with us a little bit about one of each of your characters? Likes, dislikes, how they met without giving too much away?

🔍 Mystery Author: My main character Jeremy is a shy person. It took him far too long to find the courage to say anything to Abbie. Pretty much a desperate situation. Now or never. But as the story progresses, and desperation of another type starts to set in, he finds a courage within himself he never knew he had. Panic and desperation will do that to someone and Jeremy’s is a perfect example!

👼 Angel: Well, a character of mine whom I love is Abigail. She's spunky and fun and a complete nervous wreck. Kinda like me. 😅 She's also pretty proficient with the occasional sentence enhancer, loves her wine and chocolate and can get down hard on a package of oreos.

Fallon: Well they sound like an interesting duo, and I can’t wait to meet them. Honestly, while writing this story, did it bring on any nightmares?

🔍 Mystery Author: I had many nightmares that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Angel’s blazing pace and she would be constantly harassing me to get the next damn chapter done or I’M done for! I did watch a few apocalyptic movies to get a feel for things and I have to admit it made me wonder, what if…? That was scary!

👼 Angel: I may or may not have put down a pretty hefty down-payment on a Harvest Right freeze dryer in order to start stockpiling MRE's for the impending apocalypse. And have gone over my disaster strategy binder a few too many times and the edges are starting to tear. 

Fallon: Yikes! Apocalypse… This is getting serious! *runs off to check her binder*

Tune back in Friday, June 9, 2023 for more from this duo of doom dropping some more tidbits! And don't forget the Scavenger Hunt (image below is your first clue) and
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