Friday, June 9, 2023

Post #4 of the SSBCE - We're getting deeper...

If you are just tuning in please scroll back a few blog posts to catch up because we don't want you to be lost. Although, that does add to the mystery of it all. 🤔😁

 Fallon: You mentioned last time “...the impending apocalypse”, is that the theme of this story?

🔍 Mystery Author: I wanted something that was similar to covid but worse. The sense of not knowing what was going on, it could be anything and everything. With Covid at first dozens of rumors were flying around and I wanted a similar feel for this. Things going on and no one has any answers. Things take a turn later on in the book, but overall yes, a sense of impending doom with everyone at risk.

👼 Angel: I feel like that's just the theme of the world right now. The whole world! Buuuuut, yes. It's also the theme of the story! 😁🤣😅 It kind of shows how fast things can go downhill. Which is honestly terrifying.

Fallon: Brrr… I just had a chill run up my spine. 😬 Are you able to tell us where this story takes place, or is it all in the characters' heads?

🔍 Mystery Author: In two completely different areas, for reasons to be explained later, hence the book is written as emails!

👼 Angel: Well, the story takes place in two separate locales. We're both separated from each other and communicated through email, which I honestly love!

Fallon: Darn! I was hoping I might get you to drop more in here. 😁 If you could choose any actor/actress to portray your character, who would you pick, and why?

🔍 Mystery Author: You know I’m not sure. Maybe someone who isn’t a hero by any means but because of a series of events is forced to become one. One who will do anything to save his family, no matter at what cost.

👼 Angel: Melanie Lynski, Kathryn Hahn or Kat Dennings would all make incredible Abigails and OMG would that be amazing! I would watch the (expletive) out of that!

Fallon: Well MA, you immediately brought to my mind Bruce Willis’s character John McClane in Die Hard for some reason. And Angel I love those ladies! Anyone of them would be awesome!

Tune in Monday for more! We're getting close and if you haven't checked out the Scavenger Hunt you still have time to dig into it (image below is your first clue). And don't forget the POLL going on--ends June 14, 2023. 😀 Commenting enters you in this month's giveaway or you can use the FORM.




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