Monday, June 12, 2023

Post #5 SSBCE - Last one before Reveal Day! 😱 😱 😱


 If you are just joining us go find the other clues in the prior posts this month for the Super Secret Book Collab Extravaganza. 

Fallon: Okay, now let’s give our readers something juicy to gnaw on. A little cup of tea, if you will. How was your partner to work with, really? Did you come out of this wanting to move in and do each other’s nails every night before putting your hair up in curlers and having a playful pillow fight or are either of you secretly trying to control the urge to push the other one off a high cliff near the sea?

🔍 Mystery Author: Very simple. Towards the end I was ready to speak to my lawyer and get a restraining order. There is a reason I do not do collabs and this is why. The stress, the demands...Ha-ha, but seriously, I loved it! Of all the books I’ve written this had to have been the easiest and most fun. I swore I would never use my phone to write a story but I was so excited when the email dinged on my phone that I couldn’t stop myself from responding as soon as it arrived. So this collaboration will go down in history as the first story I ever wrote from my phone.

👼 Angel: It was honestly the best time ever! My partner was and is honestly incredible. And I gotta say, I learned a lot. They're more established than I am and have much more experience in the world of indie writing and I just am super honored that they agreed to work with me. We even shared cake on their birthday, well, through video chat, but it was all the fun! If I had to knit pick about one thing it would definitely be that they are so much cooler than me, it's just not fair. 🤷‍♀️

Fallon: I don’t know Angel, you’re both pretty cool humans!! But, I’m glad things didn’t come to blows and you both finished this without dismembering each other! 😂 After all is said and done for this collaboration, is there anything you learned personally about yourself or the other that you didn’t realize before?

🔍 Mystery Author: That beneath the facade of this sweet lady is a ruthless, uncompromising person. Constantly calling me to see if I’d finished my chapter yet! Ha-ha, that was joke. I learned that writing email stories is some serious fun and not knowing what she was going to write made it even more so. It definitely kept me on my toes.

👼 Angel: Time zones are really hard for my brain to keep track of. Like REALLY really hard. But, honestly, what isn't???

 Fallon: I will say that after reading about Peaches in The Child Angel’s mind intrigues me. She is not ruthless and I was on board with helping with this joyride and fun release extravaganza, and I was totally not forced into it in any way… 😬 🤣 (kidding!) But I will agree with Angel, having to keep track of time zones with my new job is no fun. Especially after learning this year that Arizona does not “Spring Forward” but I digress. Without giving it away; when you completed the ending of the story did it surprise you, or did you rewrite it if it was too much? How did you feel when it was finished?

🔍 Mystery Author: I had an idea in my head for how I wanted it to end, but it all depended on how Angel finished her last chapter. As it turned out, it was perfect! And pretty creepy, even if I do say so myself.

👼 Angel: I was absolutely surprised! Their last entry before mine completely changed everything that I was thinking, but in all the best ways possible! 

Fallon: This is awesome! I’ve been saying it all along but I CANNOT WAIT for the release, and the REVEAL of you Mystery Author, and pre-order links this week! I just wish I didn’t have to wait until the end of the week! 😭 Thank you does not convey how grateful I am to have been a part of this!! Thank you BOTH for having me along to share this amazing ride! TUNE IN Friday for the Reveal! Head to the GROUP to cast your votes by Thursday at 5pm EST. Scavenger Hunt (image below is the clue) is still on, so hit that too!

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  1. Exciting! Can't wait for the big reveal!


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