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I cannot contain my excitement! 



Never mind you probably all saw their posts. 😂


Fallon: Not much left to ask except... How do you feel now that you can share this with the world?

🔍 Mystery Author = JUSTIN BOOTE: Relief is definitely the key word! It was a long process, starting in January and finishing in June! Also having to pretend I wasn't involved, keeping quiet (I may have let slip to a couple of people) when I wanted to tell everyone our awesome adventure was tough! Still, all done now. Thanks to Fallon for running the blog, to Heather for editing and of course my new writing partner! I'm sure it won't be the first and last time!!

👼 Angel Van Atta: Relieved! So relieved. And I'm sure it's not that surprising now that it's out there, haha. We literally talk all the time on social media. 😅 I'm especially happy because I've felt a little bad about the amount of guessing my buddy Derek has been doing. Especially since Justin was his guess to begin with. And I just would like to say how grateful I am to Fallon for helping us out with all of this and letting us take over her blog, and to Heather for editing these books for us. You ladies are amazing and we honestly couldn't have done this without you. And thank you so much to everyone who played along. It really was a lot of fun and we appreciate each and every one of you. We really do. 🥰❤️😊

❤ Fallon: Well I am shocked! Naw, I'm not, but I had an amazing time editing Justin's posts so it was "less" Justin. 😂 And of course trying my best to keep everyone guessing. This was SO MUCH FUN!! I love teasing people. You made my month! Thank you both for asking me to help you with this. The Scavenger Hunt had me by the throat and admittedly I gave up, and I love polls so I was bummed I couldn't get in on it. I was also surprised no one added any names to the poll. And finally... I am SO happy this is revealed because now you both can enjoy the pre-order ride! 😌

If you recall from an earlier blog post Angel filled us in with why there were two books: "Not only did we each take turns writing the core of the book, but we're now each taking a copy of that core and adding our own personal entries to it."

Do you feel disoriented with all the clues and questions and incorrect authors names on the poll? Welcome to the feel of this story "The End of Things As She/He Knew Them" 

Justin's version: The End of Things As He Knew Them. 

A post-apocalyptic epistolary novel. When unforeseen circumstances sees Jeremy in England with his mother-in-law while his wife, Abbie, is forced to remain back in the US with their kids, he tries to make the best of it until suddenly things start going wrong. People acting aggressive towards themselves and others, there is talk of an unknown mutation of Covid, strange lights in the sky, the government denying everything...

And to make matters worse, Jeremy's mother-in-law, already dying from cancer, starts acting weird, Abbie recalls long-buried memories of a cult-like following her mother was involved in. Soon, Jeremy is not only trying to avoid falling victim to whatever is causing the chaos, he has to watch his mother and somehow try and find a desperate way back home to his wife and kids. The odds are stacked against him, but Jeremy will stop at nothing to get back to his family. Unless his mother-in-law has other plans...


Angel's version:  The End Of Things As She Knew Them

Abigail is a hard working business woman who is enjoying her staycation while her husband is away on what was supposed to be their second honeymoon. That's when the world decides to fall apart and her past comes back to haunt her in ways that she never could have expected. Will Abbie be able to save her adult children from a fate worse than anything she could have imagined, or will they all succumb to an ancient magic that may end up just being in her head?


Thank you again Justin Boote and Angel Van Atta!! I had a blast!! ❤

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